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A premium blend of 2 highly-rated turf-type bermudagrass varieties; Highlander & North Shore SLT. These two varieties offer superior turf quality, both ranking highly in NTEP trials, rivaling the best known elite varieties available.


#1 in establishment for seeded Bermudagrass. Rio extends into colder climates, with winter hardiness and early Spring Green-Up that pairs with top NTEP turf quality and drought tolerance, making it the best choice for elite seeded bermudagrass applications.



Heritage is an improved common bermudagrass designed for your landscaping needs, exhibiting great quality and performance at an economical price.


Gateway (NTEP Entry Code ZOYSIU) produces the least amount of seed heads of any commercial cultivar on the market. This exceptional characteristic along with its ability to perform at a broad range of cutting heights makes it the perfect all purpose zoysiagrass for your needs—from greens to home lawn and professional landscaping.


From the wind-swept turfgrass plots of Enid, Oklahoma rises a new successor in cold-tolerant vegetative bermudagrass: IRONCUTTER! IronCutter is the result of a 10-year research and breeding partnership from the legendary turf and forage breeder Dr. Charles Taliaferro (breeder of vegetative bermudagrass Patriot, Latitude 36, and Northbridge), Johnston Seed Co., and exclusive marketer MVP Genetics.

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