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Alpine II is a top-rated, late maturing orchardgrass, producing high-quality forage later into the season, making it an ideal option for hay. It performed well in both the Kentucky and Wisconsin forage yield trials. Alpine II has high protein content, excellent disease resistance, good seedling vigor and winter hardiness.


Bighorn orchardgrass is a medium-maturing orchardgrass simply bred for high-yields backed by great persistence. Bighorn out-yielded all commercially-available varieties at the Univ. of Kentucky-Princeton 3-yr trial from 2013-2015.


Devour was developed to withstand the rigors of intensive grazing such as extended periods of hoof traffic and feeding. Devour is quick to establish, out-competes weeds and produces high-yielding pasture for animals. Devour is a highly palatable feed. It’s late maturity makes Devour an excellent companion to clover or alfalfa.


Rushmore II is an early-medium maturing orchardgrass, with excellent winter hardiness, high protein levels, and high forage yields. Rushmore tillers profusely which allows it to be grazed heavily as well as a top hay producer.

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