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Estancia Tall Fescue with ArkShield® is a medium maturing, high yielding forage tall fescue with excellent seedling vigor. Estancia was selected for heat tolerance, forage yield and persistence. Estancia was inoculated with ArkShield® to improve persistence, heat and drought tolerance. Estancia with ArkShield® provides better tolerance to environmental stress while not harming livestock or other grazing animals.


ArkShield® is a patented* smart endophytic fungus that lives inside certain grass plants in a mutualistic relationship that improves grass resistance to some disease and insects. ArkShield® is all natural and desirable in forage grasses and will not have a negative effect on the grass growth or livestock feeding on it.


Teton II is a new generation, top yielding, and non-toxic endophyte free tall fescue variety. Teton II has excellent seedling vigor establishing quickly to create a healthy, high yielding and permanent pasture.


Palatine is a dense, soft, fine-leafed tall fescue with excellent forage quality. Palatine is free of toxic endophytes that cause animal health issues often associated with KY-31. The lack of toxic alkaloids, forage quality, and finer leaf makes it an ideal choice for grazing cattle, sheep and horses. Palatine’s forage quality also makes it an excellent choice. for grass-based dairy operations.

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