Estancia Tall Fescue with ArkShield® is a medium maturing, high yielding forage tall fescue with excellent seedling vigor. Estancia was selected for heat tolerance, forage yield and persistence. Estancia was inoculated with ArkShield® to improve persistence, heat and drought tolerance. Estancia with ArkShield® provides better tolerance to environmental stress while not harming livestock or other grazing animals.


ArkShield® is a patented* smart endophytic fungus that lives inside certain grass plants in a mutualistic relationship that improves grass resistance to some disease and insects. ArkShield® is all natural and desirable in forage grasses and will not have a negative effect on the grass growth or livestock feeding on it.


Teton II is a new generation, top yielding, and non-toxic endophyte free tall fescue variety. Teton II has excellent seedling vigor establishing quickly to create a healthy, high yielding and permanent pasture.

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