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Kentucky bluegrass


(A-LIST CERTIFIED) A revolutionary new bluegrass blend that offers the best of what sports turf professionals demand. 365ss is extremely fast to germinate and establish, crowding out weeds and creating a dense sward for superior sod strength. 365ss holds up to extreme wear and traffic, and recovers quickly between games.


Acoustic (PPG-KB 1131) is a top performer in the NTEP trial overall mean quality. Acoustic has proven to be an exceptional choice in the Northeast and Transition Region for Turfgrass Quality! Acoustic exhibits excellent Summer Patch resistance, scoring high at the Raleigh, NC NTEP location. And with top ratings on summer density and dark green genetic color, Acoustic comes through loud and clear as the next Kentucky Bluegrass standout!


Deep dark green color with moderate density and texture. Strong Midwest through northern tier performance, including shade. Very good sod strength, resists scuffing. Excellent overall disease resistance.


Top NTEP performer that has a deep, dark green color with moderate density and texture. Strong northern performance, including shade. Very good sod strength. Excellent overall disease resistance.


(A-LIST) Compact America type bluegrass featuring excellent color, texture, density and shade tolerance under normal to moderate fertility management. Suggested for elite bluegrass mixtures intended for sod production, golf/sports turf and professional landscape.


Bolt jumps out of the ground faster than any other Kentucky bluegrass in the recent NTEP trials. It’s a rapid germination and fast establishment allow it to crowd out weeds, supress poa and form a dense sward.



An exciting hybrid Poa species crossed Poa Pratensis &  Poa Arachnifera. Improved drought and heat tolerance, better disease resistance in more humid Transition & Southern environments, and good color and texture from sun into shade.


A medium dark-green variety that works well in mixtures with other bluegrasses, tall fescues and perennial ryegrasses. Its aggressive rhizome production provides a very uniform, dense turf. Has superior disease resistance to powdery mildew, dollar spot and blight. Recovers quickly from wear damage.


(A-LIST) Legend is an aggressive, Midnight-type, dark green Kentucky bluegrass variety ideal for use in both high and low maintenance applications.


Merit is a BVMG type classification Kentucky Bluegrass that exhibits early spring-green up & improved turfgrass quality.


Navy is an early maturing Kentucky Bluegrass that exhibits excellent spring greenup and improved disease resistance. Navy has a nice medium-dark green color which will blend well with a wide range of cool season mixes. This variety offers great quality and performance for your landscape needs at an economical price. Navy has great versatility; it can be used in high maintenance applications for sports fields and medium maintenance situations in lawns and parks. Growth habit is medium-compact making it tolerable of lower mowing heights.


Shadow Hawk (A16-2) is a well-rounded, strong performing Shamrock type Kentucky Bluegrass. Key highlights of this cultivar include quick spring greenup, shade tolerance, density, and traffic stress.


Super NTEP elite under most applications including the transition zone. Rich dark green color with low cut density retention, wear tolerance, and excellent sod strength. Broad disease resistance.

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