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MVS has developed a new class of tall fescue that through natural mechanisms like tillering, aggressively establish, spread, and fill in, creating a turf of higher density particularly under stresses.


(A-LIST) Avenger II is a top-rated tall fescue performer in the northeast NTEP trial. Avenger II exhibits rapid spring green-up and produces a dense, wear tolerant turf.


(A-LIST) Avenger 3 (PPG-TF 308) pushes the boundaries of Tall fescue versatility, adapting to both high heat and extreme cold climates. Avenger 3 excels with Brown Patch resistance and scored in the top percentage for Shade Tolerance. Avenger 3 continues the Avenger family line’s heritage of select performance for all turfgrass areas. Make Avenger 3 the choice for blends and mixtures everywhere!


Dynamite LS was the top performer in the Southeast NTEP trial. It exhibits very aggressive tillering with lateral spread technology.Dynamite LS also produces a very dark green, dense turf which makes for a very wear tolerant variety.


(A-LIST) Dynamite G-LS (PPG-TF 254) is a fall standout for turfgrass quality. Enhanced with Lateral SpreadTM (LS) technology, Dynamite G-LS produces rapidly establishing, quick tillering plants that are perfect for shade and sod production. It stands up to tough diseases like Py- thium blight, Grey Leaf Spot (G), and makes fewer clippings, result- ing in less mowing over time. Outstanding fall color and density. For all seasons and uses, choose Dynamite G-LS!


(A-LIST) Firecracker SLS is the top-rated tall fescue performer in the most recent NTEP trials and continues on the tradition of excellence established by the original Firecracker LS.


(A-LIST) Firecracker G-LS (PPG-TF 315) is a breakthrough Tall fescue cultivar, combining Lateral SpreadTM (LS) toughness with the first NTEP- proven resistance to Gray Leaf Spot (G)! Firecracker G-LS sets a new standard for durability thanks to its aggressive recovery & density, which allows it to shine in summer’s heat and resist disease’s that take out the competition. Choose Firecracker G-LS for an explo- sively good Tall fescue!


Raptor III has excellent disease resistance scoring high in all the NTEP disease trials and showing outstanding resilience to Brown Patch. Raptor III also shows excellent turf density, ranking high in both the fall and spring trials.


Raptor LS (PPG-TF 336) is the newest variety in the highly successful Raptor family. It performed in the top groups for turf quality in the Northeast and Transition Zone locations of the NTEP trial. Raptor LS was selectively bred from tough Lateral Spread™ (LS) parents. With highly desired brown patch resistance, drought and wear tolerance, and compact growth for low mowing heights, make Raptor LS your 1st choice for seeding!


Screamer LS has very high seedling vigor, screaming out of the ground to crowd out weeds and get growing long before other tall fescue varieties. Screamer LS exhibits excellent spring green up and cold tolerance making it an ideal choice for northern climates.


A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Spyder LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and shade. Tops in density under drought, its aggressive behavior crowds out weeds.


Spyder 2LS (ZRC-1) is the newest generation of our long-running Spyder Tall fescue line-up. A 2nd generation cultivar with excel- lent NTEP scores across all US test locations, Spyder 2LS pairs fine leaf blades with Lateral SpreadTM (LS) tillering, traffic stress toler- ance, and disease resistance to crowd out weeds for a pure, highly uniform turfgrass stand. Choose Spyder 2LS for elite, manicured swards that need dense, compact coverage to get the best results.


Stealth (PPG-TF 238) is the newest addition to the family line in the MVS Tall Fescue program! It's parents were selected for quick, aggressive establishment, recovery from summer heat and disease, and the ability to be low-mowed. Stealth has fine texture and scored high in the NTEP for turf quality in the Northeast and Transition climates.


(A-LIST) Supersonic is ranked at the top of the NTEP in all categories and is a proven performer in real world applications.  Supersonic has fine leaf texture and early spring green-up, along with excellent brown patch resistance. Supersonic exhibits high seedling vigor to establish quickly and out-compete weeds.


(A-LIST) Titanium 2LS exemplifies the perfect high-quality turfgrass; it’s dark green, very dense and has excellent wear tolerance. Titanium 2LS is an excellent choice for sod farms and other applications where only the best variety will do.


(A-LIST) Titanium G-LS (PPG-TF 255) has the top 2020 NTEP score on overall turf quality ratings, scoring in the top 25% more than 68% of the time. Titanium G-LS is known for its Gray Leaf Spot (G) resistance and best in class spring & fall density. This tall fescue excels across multiple regions, making Titanium G-LS versatile without sacrific- ing performance. Lateral SpreadTM (LS), low-mow ability and very dark green color make this variety a clear standout!


Valkyrie LS is a top-rated NTEP performer. Thanks to it’s Lateral Spread™ technology , Valkyrie LS scored high marks in wear tolerance. Valkyrie LS has fine leaf texture and is very dark green. Valkyrie LS jumps out of the ground with a very high seedling vigor which helps it out-compete weeds and create a dense turf faster.

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